Commercial vehicles make up only 3% of European road traffic, but they are involved in 14% of fatal collisions, killing 400 people a year in Europe only. In Belgium this number mounts to 5-10 casualties a year due to right-turn accidents over the past 10 years. Blind spot accidents are however not only a societal drama, but also pose a significant cost on society, insurance companies, and not in the least to the fleet owners themselves. About 35% of all incidents involving damage occur when reversing a truck. Even more incidents are related to misjudging the height, width or length of the vehicle. Cost figures (typically not including damage to third-parties) vary according to vehicle type and according to accident cause, but can easily mount to €2,500/ incident.

All such blind spot incidents could however to a large extent be prevented with practical and affordable technology! To this end, eXia Belgium is a spin-off initiative of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Department of Electronics and Informatics (ETRO), in collaboration with imec vzw, Belgium and supported by Ethias Insurances.

Through eXia Belgium, the ambition is to make European road transport safer and more cost-efficient by avoiding all blind spot related incidents. eXia Belgium will therefore become an R&D driven fables provider of innovative blind-spot sensor systems for heavy goods vehicles (HGV), municipal vehicles, buses, coaches and other oversized vehicles.

eXia Belgium’s products and solutions are based upon a unique capacitive sensor technology, accumulating 20+ years of expertise in the design and development of electrostatic sensors tailored to very diverse application domains. Considerable know how has been obtained in the application of capacitive sensor technology for automotive applications, previously contributing to the development of a capacitive reversing system for one of Europe’s largest automotive supplier.

The underlying eXia Belgium technology has been thoroughly tested with one of Belgium’s most renowned commercial vehicle manufacturers. A mobile test platform was subsequently developed in early 2012, and currently the Active Sideguard™ is undergoing detailed road tests.

If you would like to join the eXia team, please write us via contact form.

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