Our goal is to deliver a completely new generation of sensors based on the principle of electric field disturbance.

Electrostatic sensor technology does not rely on the interruption of a beam or wave front, but instead measures a spatially integrated effect, and therefore is better suited to detect intrusion.

eXia Belgium electrostatic sensors are characterized by their ultra-wide spatial (3D) detection field.

Electrostatic sensors are not affected by variations in illumination conditions or adverse atmospheric conditions, and are virtually maintenance-free.

A ground breaking concept pioneers city safety with the truck industry’s broadest field-of-view sensor. Active Sideguard is the first collision avoidance system utilizing electrostatic sensing technology to help protect pedestrians and cyclists concealed in the vehicle’s blindside during turning manoeuvres.

Helps prevent most of the fatal accidents in urban areas involving commercial vehicles
Supports truck drivers in complex, critical and stressful driving situations.
Provides drivers with a contextual warning cascade.
Original signal processing algorithms permanently analyse speed, distance to obstacle, and the driver’s anticipated behavior, such as to warn only if a collision is imminent.
Active over entire speed range of the vehicle, but programmable to generate warnings only within set speed thresholds.
Delivers superb all-weather operation.
Concise design replaces conventional lateral underrun bars, minimizing installation cost and vehicle idle time.
Essential safety technology for future Autonomous Driving Commercial Vehicles.
Active Sideguard clearly warns the truck driver with visual and acoustic signals for a potential collision with vulnerable road users during  turning maneuvers.

Always inform

Warning LEDs, mounted on the A-pillar at the codriver’s side of the vehicle, inform the driver about a possibly dangerous situation, drawing his attention intuitively alongside the vehicle.

Only alert if necessary

If there is a discernible intention to turn right – steering angle, use of turn signal – the driver is alerted intrusively about the imminent risk of a collision: LEDs flash red, and a warning sounds on the danger side.


… by design

Compared to other systems, eXia Belgium’s unique electrostatic sensor technology provides an unrivaled robustness, both mechanically and with respect to adverse weather conditions.

Active Sideguard, is perfectly adapted for the harsh operating environments of commercial vehicles.

… in day, night, sun, rain

eXia Belgium’s electrostatic sensor technology also ensures that Active Sideguard continues to operate flawlessly under poor visibility conditions such as caused by rain, snow, sun glare, and during the night, when image processing solutions fail in delivering the required safety.

Built to last

Waterproof (IP-68 compliance), not just water resistant.

Manufactured to withstand extreme vibrations and heat fluctuations.

Robust aluminum construction.

Resistant to hot water high pressure waterjet cleaning.

Self-cleaning surface

Active Sideguard’s sensor surface is coated with a water and dirt repellent hydrophobic coating, to guarantee full operability under all working conditions.

Ease of installation

Active Sideguard may replace conventional lateral underrun bars, minimizing installation cost and vehicle idle time.

Product variants

Active Sideguard

Active Sideguard is eXia’s compelling lateral blind spot sensor solution, adapted for original as well as retrofit installation.

Active Sideguard II

Active Sideguard II combines the proven effectiveness of AS, with a specific design tailored to vehicles with loading crane.


SideScan-b targets beverage and side-loading trucks with its unrivalled robustness and revolutionary feature to ‘see’ through the side-curtain.