The legal obligation of dead angle mirrors has not lead to an appreciable drop in blind spot accidents. Blind spot camera systems are a welcome progress, but often fail in meeting their original objectives, essentially by the same human factors that impact the effectiveness of mirror systems.

Already today, active blind spot detection systems, based on radar or ultrasound technology, are commercially available, but largely suffer from technical shortcomings.

The Active Sideguard™ is the first cost effective stand-alone solution for blind spot accident avoidance developed by eXia Belgium. It integrates with minimal modification into new as well as existing vehicle fleets.

Active Sideguard™ by eXia Belgium is a unique and innovative active blind spot accident avoidance device based on a proprietary capacitive measurement concept involving a plurality of measurement pads. Due to its ultra flat form factor, its robustness with regard to mechanical damage, and its immunity to atmospheric disturbances, Active Sideguard™ offers several advantages over these existing commercial solutions.

Advantages over existing blind spot detection systems

  • Provides an active warning system (autonomously surveys the environment and triggers a visual/audible alarm).
  • The very flexible technology ensures a low intrinsic cost of damage sensitive parts, and can be adapted to accommodate a wide variety of mechanical embodiments.
  • Extremely robust sensor concept, largely immune to weather conditions, including splash water, and contamination.
  • Wide-field detection provides ‘look around corner’ functionality.
  • Measurement principle extendable to accommodate biomass selective responsiveness.
  • Flexibly integrates into existing visualization or in-dash monitor solutions.